Plant to Form Briquettes From Waste Coconut Shells

10450151_680657768650710_5470902751896477621_nCPIL Resurge Private Limited, a Mumbai based company has set up a plant to form briquettes from waste coconut shells  in Gandhinagar area in Bangaluru. The plant processes discarded coconut shells and turns it into combustible briquettes useful in factories, foundries and boilers. The Pilot plant has the capacity to process 40 tonnes of coconut shells per day. The fibrous material yielded from the shredder is useful in the coir industry. The sawdust of the shredded stuff is put into the compactor and turned into 90 mm diameter cylindrical briquettes which can further be cut into small pieces of required lengths. The plant can produce nearly 20 tonnes of briquettes per day. For factories and foundries using boilers, these briquettes are high in demand. According to the company’s associate director Mr Anupam Acharya, the company is negotiating with the Coir Board regarding the supply of the fibrous part of the output.

   The Gandhinagar unit is the company’s third project. The first two units of the company are in Mumbai and Pune. The Mumbai Unit makes use of garden waste and the Pune unit uses west waste collected by civic body as the input. The company is planning to utilize sugarcane begasse discarded by sugarcane juice sellers and also hard coconut shells offered by devotees in temples, informed Mr Acharya.

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