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Municipal Solid Waste to Biofuel Companies and Projects

Municipal solid waste is the trash we generate everyday. It consists of variety of materials such as paper, plastic, cloths, food scrapes, metals, appliances, rubber, leather, wood, glass, packaging material, paints etc. Their composition varies but on an average organic material has the biggest share. The most popular destination of the MSW is landfill sites around the world. The dumped sites release variety of harmful chemicals. These chemicals get mixed in the air and reach ground water and are a […]

Enerkam joins hands with China to build waste to biofuels facility

In a press release dated 27th October 2014, Enerkam, known for converting non recyclable municipal waste to biofuels and renewable chemicals, announced to start a project in China in partnership with ShanghaiMarine Diesel Engine Research Institute ( SMDERI).The agreement was signed by SMDERI president Dr Donghan Jin and Enerkem President and CEO Mr Vincent Chornet. In the wake of its growing need for waste management China aims to develop clean transportation fuels from different types of feedstocks. This is a significant step in this direction. See more at

Fulcrum BioEnergy: Municipal Solid Waste to Renewable Fuel

Fulcrum BioEnergy is California, United States based municipal solid waste (MSW) to renewable fuel producer company. With the help of its thermochemical process Fulcrum Bioenergy  converts the organic waste of the garbage into clean renewable fuel. As an approximation the garbage generated by more than one million people serve as a feedstock for 30 million gallons renewable fuels per year. Being drop-in replacement Fulcrum’s fuel does not require changes in the existing fuel infrastructure. Feedstock The process developed by Fulcrum Bioenergy utilizes […]

Bioethanol from Waste Biomass: INEOS Bio

INEOS Bio has its headquarter in Rolle, Switzerland. It attempts combination of gasification and fermentation processes to produce bioethanol from lignocellulosic waste. Feedstock The organic part of municipal solid waste,  industrial wastes and other lignocellulosic waste including bark, saw dust, wood chips, agricultural residues and energy crops are suitable for INEOS bio ethanol production technology. INEOS Bio Ethanol Production Technology It involves the following steps Feed reception and drying As per the waste type appropriate thermal, mechanical or biological treatments are performed.  This is […]

Enerkem: Bioethanol from Municipal Solid Waste

Enerkem is Montreal, Canada based cellulosic ethanol producer company. Founded in the year 2000 it has earned reputation through its capacity to produce bioethanol thermochemically from municipal solid waste and other non recyclable wastes. Their technology  offers alternative to incineration and landfilling. Enerkem’s Waste to Cellulosic ethanol Conversion Technology Enerkem has developed thermochemical technology to convert non-recyclable municipal solid waste into cellulosic ethanol. The process involves sorting and shredding of the mixed waste and its conversion into syngas (mixture of carbon mono oxide […]