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India achieved only 1.4% ethanol blending this fiscal year

Problems between sugar mill owners and oil marketing companies have resulted in only 1.4% ethanol blending through february this fiscal year which is way less than the blending target of 5% and lesser than the last year’s achieved blending level of 2%.The National Policy on Biofuels of India identifies the sugar cane molasses as the feedstock suitable under Indian conditions for ethanol production for blending purpose and that makes the sugarcane mills as the biggest suppliers of bioethanol. The high state-level levies on the […]

China complets its biofuel powered first commercial flight

China’s first commercial flight powered with biofuel was successfully completed yesterday between Shanghai and Beijing. The privately owned Hainan Airlines flight used biofuel made up from used cooking oil collected from the restaurants. The biofuel was supplied by China National Aviation fuel company and energy giant Sinopec. It was a Boeing 737 plane which used 50% biofuel blended in conventional jet fuel and carried more than 100 passengers to their destination. Read more at:  

Algal Species with Potential use as Biofuel Feedstock Discovered

Scientists have recently discovered two endemic and bloom- forming algal species with potential use as biofuel feedstock off the west cost of  India. Ulva paschima Bast and Cladophora goensis Bast, as they have been named, have excellent carbon capture properties and can be used as biofuel feedstock as well. Dr Felix Bast and his team of two students from the Central University of Punjab, Bhatinda, Mr Satej Bhushan and Mr. Aijaz Ahmad John are the masterminds behind this discovery. Both morphological and […]

Joules Unlimited

Joules Unlimited has developed proprietary Helioculture process to produce fuels such as ethanol and other infrastructure compatible hydrocarbon-based fuels through photosynthetically active genetically highly modified organisms. It operates from Bedford, Massachusetts, USA and from The Hague, Netherlands. The company’s production operation is in Hobbs, New Mexico. The Helioculture Process of Joules Unlimited for CO2-to-fuel Production Joules unlimited’s  process known as ‘Helioculture’ uses proprietary organisms that are genetically modified in such a way that they act as catalyst in the presence of […]

Butamax Retrofit for Biobutanol Production

Butamax is a joint venture of two giants in the field of biofuel namely BP and DuPont.  The company has developed a retrofit technology for biobutanol production from existing bioethanol production facilities. Butamax™ Advanced Biofuels LLC has its experimental station in Wilmington, USA. Feedstock The biomass feedstock includes corn and sugarcane. Butamax Retrofit Technology The advantage of butanol is that it contains much more energy than ethanol and it can be blended with gasoline up to 16% by volume as against the […]

Biofuel Research Institutes in Australia

A list of biofuel research institutes in Australia is given below: 1. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency. Its Energy Flagship aims at developing 1) cost competitive low emission energy from coal and 2) algal biodiesel as a means to return to natural resources for energy production. 2. South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) SARDI is based in Adelaide and focuses on the research and development of new and improved feedstocks […]

Biofuel related companies in India

A list of biofuel related companies in India is given below:  Click here to know about some ongoing and upcoming  biofuel projects in India 1. SHIRKE Energy Pune, Maharashtra based Shirke Energy  is  active in Biomass Field establishment. It is a biodiesel manufacturer and supplier. They produce biodiesel from Jatropha, Pongamia, Castor, Palm and other Non edible oils. The company involves in export and import of biofuels and provide technical consultation to biofuel Industry. They also buy and supply Jatropha […]

Fuel From Halophytic Microalgae: Muradel

South Australia based Muradel Pty Ltd produces drop- in fuel from halophytic microalgae. Its trademark process produces “green crude” which upon fractionation yields drop-in substitutes of fossil fuels. The company was founded in Dec 2010 as a joint venture between the Murdoch University, Adelaide Research and Innovation Pty Ltd and SQC Pty Ltd. Feedstocks Muradel uses rapidly growing halophytic microalgae, biomass and organic waste streams. Their non competence with arable land and food chain as well as their low fresh […]

Beta Renewables Converts Cellulosic Biomass into Bioethanol

Beta Renewables is Tortona, Italy based second generation ethanol producer company. It was established in 2011 as a joint venture between Biochemtex a Mossi Ghisolfi Group engineering company and the Texas Pacific Group (TPG). At the end of 2012 Novozymes became a shareholder of Beta Renewables. Beta Renewables owns the ProesaTM technology applied for the conversion of cellulosic biomass to bioethanol and many other chemical intermediates. Feedstock Proesa™ technology can use variety of agricultural wastes such as rice straw, corn […]

Fulcrum BioEnergy: Municipal Solid Waste to Renewable Fuel

Fulcrum BioEnergy is California, United States based municipal solid waste (MSW) to renewable fuel producer company. With the help of its thermochemical process Fulcrum Bioenergy  converts the organic waste of the garbage into clean renewable fuel. As an approximation the garbage generated by more than one million people serve as a feedstock for 30 million gallons renewable fuels per year. Being drop-in replacement Fulcrum’s fuel does not require changes in the existing fuel infrastructure. Feedstock The process developed by Fulcrum Bioenergy utilizes […]