First Refinery to Produce Advance Biofuel from Sawdust is Coming Up

Novozyme, a Dannish company and world’s largest industrial enzymes producer, and Finland’s St1 Biofuels have agreed on a deal to produce advance cellulosic biofuel from sawdust. The later will build and operate the world’s first refinery using sawdust for advanced cellulosic biofuel production for which Novozyme will provide the enzymes.

The refinery will be located in Kajaani in central Finland. The area is known for its timber production and the by-product sawdust is available in plenty. The refinery will be ready in 2016.

Novozyme provides 60% of total enzymes used in US for ethanol production from corn. The company is now expanding its market for cellulosic biofuel production. It is also fast expanding its market outside US due to the slowdown of US biofuel industry caused by prolonged uncertainty in country’s biofuel policy.


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