Analysis Says Policy Uncertainty has Deterred Investment in Advanced and Cellulosic Biofuel Industry of United States

An Analysis by Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) finds that the delay by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set the rules for Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) has caused the loss of $13.7 billion dollar investment in advanced and cellulosic biofuel industry in USA. BIO is a trade association that represents biotechnology companies, academic institutions and state biotechnology centers across the United States and in many other countries.

This happened at the time when the advanced and cellulosic biofuel industry was just getting ready to take the big leap of commercial deployment.

At present along with many pilot and demonstration plants there are 5 commercial cellulosic ethanol plants with total 50 million gallons capacity in the United States to fulfil the RFS requirement. Many commercial biofuel refineries are under construction as well. According to the analysis approximately 5,125 scientists, engineers and operations personnel are deployed in the advanced biorefineries and the delay has resulted in cutting down 80,000 direct job opportunities.

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