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Bioethanol Production from Corn and Sugarcane

What is bioethanol? Bioethanol refers to the ethanol produced from starch and sugar rich crops. It is used for fuel purposes. Bioethanol Production from Corn and Sugarcane Bioethanol Produced from starch and sugar rich crops such as Corn and Sugarcane make the first generation of biofuels.  One common feature of first generation biofuel crops is the requirement of suitable arable fertile land to grow them. Bioethanol Feedstock Corn is the most utilized crop for fuel ethanol production although its use […]

Biodiesel Production Process and Biodiesel Fuel Sources

What is Biodiesel?  ‘Biodiesel’ refers to diesel produced from bioresource. Biodiesel is similar to diesel in fuel properties. but But diesel is a fissile fuel like coal and natural gas and is produced by natural processes such as by anaerobic decomposition of organisms over millennia. While it is nature that converts the dead biomass into diesel taking long course of time, in the case of biodiesel it is done by chemical processes which converts the plants and animals oil/fat into […]

Biogas Plants in India: List, Status and Commercial Production Capacity

Biogas in India is being produced using degradable organic waste like cattle dung (gobar), poultry waste, kitchen waste etc as raw material. The waste generated  is also used as bio-fertilizer. The compressed biogas can be used as substitute not only for LPG but also for electricity generation, transportation, etc. Bio-fertilizer increases the natural fertility of the soil with its high macro & micro nutrients content and also give benefits to the farmers with its easy to applied application. A list […]