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Virent Inc.

Virent is Madison, Wisconsin, United States based Sugars to renewable fuel producer company . It has received fuel registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its Gasoline which can now be used in 45% blend in cars and trucks. Feedstock Virent’s sugars to drop-in fuels process is compatible with the sugars derived from traditional sources like sugar beet, sugar cane and corn starch as well as with different C5/C6 sugars derived from cellulosic biomass such as bagasse, corn stover, sorghum, […]

Algae Biofuel from Solazyme Inc.

Solazyme Inc. is South San Francisco, California, United States based algae biofuel producer company. Technology: Dark Fermentation Solazyme’s proprietary technology utilizes the oil producing ability of heterotrophic microalgae through their fermentation in the dark. This means that microalgae are fermented without the access to sunlight inside huge stainless-steel fermentors. The ingredients necessary for their growth are provided to them externally. This is a unique feature of Solazyme’s biofuel production technology. It is in contrast to the generally employed technology in algae […]

Drop in fuels from lignocellulosic biomass

  What does ‘drop in fuel’ mean?                              A drop in fuel is a liquid hydrocarbon fuel with physicochemical properties very similar to fossil fuels. It is capable of replacing the traditional gasoline, diesel and jet fuels up to any extent. The existing automobile engines and fuel storage and distribution infrastructure cannot make out any difference between a drop in fuel and its traditional fossil fuel counterpart. […]