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EU Caps Food Crop Based biofuels at 7%

On April 28, 2015 European parliament finally gave its consent on a new law capping the food crop based biofuels at 7% within its total target of 10% renewable transport energy by 2020. The member states can even decide on lower proportions. The earlier legislation allowed up to 8.6% biofuels in the total renewable transport energy by 2020 while currently 4.7% biofuels are under supply. The argument of food vs fuel and the high amount of greenhouse gas emissions due […]

Audi announced the production of first liters of the Audi e-diesel

Audi has announced the production of first liters of the Audi e-diesel in collaboration with Sunfire, a Dresden (Germany) based cleantech company. The production technology is known as ‘Power to Liquid’ and requires only carbon di oxide and water to make diesel. The synthesis of Audi e-diesel involves the high temperature electrolysis of water. The resulting hydrogen further reacts with carbon di oxide to produce a liquid called ‘Blue Crude’ made up of long chain hydrocarbons. The Blue Crude is […]

LanzaTech gets approval of China Steel Corporation for investment in commercial facility

China Steel Corporation has finally approved $ 46M USD capital investment in LanzaTech for the development of commercial facility of 17 million gallon production capacity. The construction of the facility will start in the fourth quarter of this year and the plan is to scale it up to 34 million gallon afterwards. China Steel Corporation is the biggest steelmaker company of Taiwan. This move has come after LanzaTech has successfully demonstrated its Gas Fermentation Technology’s ability to convert the flue […]

New study suggests soon softwoods to have Easier-to-Process Lignin

New Study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences proves that engineering can make it possible for softwoods to have easier-to-process lignin which is a characteristic of hardwoods. Lignin is made up of G and S monomers of binding molecules. While the lignin present in  hardwoods contains both the  monomers, the softwood lignin is made up of only G monomer. As the S monomer is responsible for easy degradation of lignin, its absence is responsible for hard […]

European Union to cap first generation biofuels

The deal to cap the amount of first generation biofuels upto 7% in the transportation fuel mix in European Union has come a step closer as the 52 members of the Environment Committee of the EU parliament has voted in its favour while there were only 12 members voted against it. Now the full house during the 27-30 April plenary session will vote on the text of the agreement in Strasbourg. This will make the road clear for member states […]

Hydrogen Gas from Corn Stover may fuel Cars Soon

All the sugars present in the corn stover can be converted into hydrogen gas without any net increase in the greenhouse gas emissions a new study funded by Shell Oil suggests. Corn stover means the post-harvest leftover of corn in the field comprising of stalk, leaf, husk, and cob. The process involves the mixing of a mixture of 10 different hydrolysing enzymes with the corn biomass. This is being considered a remarkable achievement as previously only 30-60% conversion of sugars […]

European Union is ready to restrict the amount of crop based biofuels to 7%

European Union is ready to restrict the amount of crop based biofuels to 7% in its transportation sector. The deal has reached to the final stage and now requires voting of the environment committee of the European parliament on 14th April and further endorsement by the plenary session of the parliament. This is very important as according to the current legislation EU members are required to ensure that by 2020 minimum 10 percent of the energy in transportation will come from […]

India achieved only 1.4% ethanol blending this fiscal year

Problems between sugar mill owners and oil marketing companies have resulted in only 1.4% ethanol blending through february this fiscal year which is way less than the blending target of 5% and lesser than the last year’s achieved blending level of 2%.The National Policy on Biofuels of India identifies the sugar cane molasses as the feedstock suitable under Indian conditions for ethanol production for blending purpose and that makes the sugarcane mills as the biggest suppliers of bioethanol. The high state-level levies on the […]

China complets its biofuel powered first commercial flight

China’s first commercial flight powered with biofuel was successfully completed yesterday between Shanghai and Beijing. The privately owned Hainan Airlines flight used biofuel made up from used cooking oil collected from the restaurants. The biofuel was supplied by China National Aviation fuel company and energy giant Sinopec. It was a Boeing 737 plane which used 50% biofuel blended in conventional jet fuel and carried more than 100 passengers to their destination. Read more at:  

Algal Species with Potential use as Biofuel Feedstock Discovered

Scientists have recently discovered two endemic and bloom- forming algal species with potential use as biofuel feedstock off the west cost of  India. Ulva paschima Bast and Cladophora goensis Bast, as they have been named, have excellent carbon capture properties and can be used as biofuel feedstock as well. Dr Felix Bast and his team of two students from the Central University of Punjab, Bhatinda, Mr Satej Bhushan and Mr. Aijaz Ahmad John are the masterminds behind this discovery. Both morphological and […]