Blue Petroleum from Microalgae

Bio Fuel systems (BFS)

Bio Fuel systems (BFS) is Alicante Spain based microalgal biofuel producer company. The biocrude oil from its proprietary microalgal species is named as ‘Blue Petroleum’ and the industrial plant of the company is called ‘Blue Petroleum ONE’. BFS has developed and patented accelerated conversion systems to convert CO2 into energy.

Blue Petroleum

BFS utilizes autotrophic phytoplankton, also known as microalgae, to convert the sunlight and carbon dioxide into drop-in fuels.

The phytoplankton is grown in glass tubes with nutrients and CO2 under the sunlight. In the proprietary bioreactors the phytoplankton concentration reaches as high as 500-1000 million cells per millilitre which is way higher than the normal phytoplankton concentration present in sea water i.e.100-300 cells per millilitre.The high phytoplankton concentration is achieved by feeding them with CO2 obtained from a nearby flue gas of a cement factory. When fully grown the phytoplanktons are separated through centrifugation and subjected to pyrolysis at high pressure and temperature. The resulting oil is known as ‘Blue Petroleum’. Distillation, fractionation and cracking of blue petroleum provides a range of fuels including gas, naphtha, gasoline, Kersene, lubricating oil and other heavy fuels.

The production capacity of BFS Alicante plant is 1 brent barrel (5X159 l) blue petroleum (calorific value 9,700 kcal/kg) daily per hectare of bioreactors installed. To produce one barrel (159l) of blue petroleum 2168.76 Kg CO2 gets consumed by phytoplantons. During the production process and during combustion in the vehicle engine approx 1,230.91 kg CO­2 re-enters the environment. Therefore 938 kg net reduction in the atmospheric CO2 per barrel is achieved through the BFS’s algal biofuel technology.


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