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Biogas Plants in India: List, Status and Commercial Production Capacity

Biogas in India is being produced using degradable organic waste like cattle dung (gobar), poultry waste, kitchen waste etc as raw material. The waste generated  is also used as bio-fertilizer.

The compressed biogas can be used as substitute not only for LPG but also for electricity generation, transportation, etc. Bio-fertilizer increases the natural fertility of the soil with its high macro & micro nutrients content and also give benefits to the farmers with its easy to applied application.

A list of commercial Gobar Gas and Biogas Plants in India is given below:

 List of Commercial Gobar Gas and Biogas Plants in India

Gobar Gas and Biogas Plants in Maharashtra

-‘Green Elephant’ a German Company, under Indo-German Development Partnership has set up commercial bio gas production plant in Satara (Maharashtra). It has capacity to generate 25,000 cubic meter biogas per day from 600 cubic metres of sugar waste. 80 percent of the gas generated from the plant is upgraded to compressed biogas (CBG) which is an clean alternative fuel to CNG, diesel and petrol.

-A biogas bottling project of 500 m3/day capacity was commissioned in 2011 at Village Talwade, District Nashik in Maharashtra. It was built by Ashoka Biogreen Pvt. Ltd.  The plant was supported by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and is based on NISARGRUNA Technology developed by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC). The purity of the biogas produced from this plant is estimated to be about 98%. The biogas is compressed to 150-bar pressure for filling in cylinders.

Gobar Gas and Biogas Plants in Gujrat

A biogas plant of 5,000 cubic meter per day capacity became operational in 2015 in Sundarpur village of Umreth taluka in Anand district of Gujrat. The capacity of the plant can be expanded upto 10,000 cubic meters. It utilizes multi-feed German technology to convert agriculture waste such as banana stems, potato peels, animal dung, sugarcane waste and waste from sugar factories into biogas. The biogas produced is being supplied to nearby industries to be used invarious ways such as in furnaces, wielding work and melting copper.

Gobar Gas and Biogas Plants in Punjab

-A biogas bottling project of 600 m3/day capacity has been commissioned in 2011 in Village Kalatibba, Tehsil Abohar, District Ferozepur (Punjab). The project is developed by Anand Energy. Raw material such as cattle dung, poultry waste and kitchen waste is used in this biogas facility. It is responsible for generation, purification/enrichment and bottling of biogas.

The project received a grant of Rs. 45.50 lakh CFA from MNRE during the year 2009-10. The plant is based on MUSAB Technology and produces 98% Methane. The upgraded Biogas is compressed to 150-bar pressure for filling in cylinders and supplied to mid-day meal scheme for cooking food of over 18000 school students in Abohar and its adjoining areas. The slurry/manure of biogas plant is being sold to the farmers and used in liquid form by them in Kinoo plants.

-Another biogas plant of 1000 cum/Day is operational in Sri Muktsar Sahib (Punjab).

Gobar Gas and Biogas Plants in Karnataka

A biomethanation plant based in the “Nisargruna”  technology of BARC was commissioned in 1011 by Mangalore City Corporation  near Urwa Market. The plant has the capacity to process up to two tonnes of biowaste per day to produce 100-160 cubic metres of methane gas and up to 200 units of power.

The plant is set up by Wipro Eco Energy and utilizes itchen waste from hotels, vegetable sand other green wastes.

Gobar Gas and Biogas Plants in Tamilnadu

In Chennai and Tuticorin cities of Tamilnadu at least 5 biogas plants are under construction. All these plants are based on the Nisargruna technology of BARC for biomethanation of waste into biogas.

Four of the plants have a capacity to process 3 tonnes of waste per day while one plant in Tuticorin has 1 ton per day processing capacity. These plants are capable of producing 100 kg of manure and 100 units of electricity or methane fuel gas to fill two to three 14.6 kg cylinders per tonne of biowaste processed.

Gobar Gas and Biogas Plants in kerala

According to the news published in Indian Express on 2 September 2013, a biogas plants became fully operational at Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram. the production capacity of the plant is two tonnes of waste per day and it is able to produce 30 kilowatts of electricity.

The total cost for setting up of the plant was estimated to be Rs 30 lakh.  The plant is able to process the leftovers from the fish and vegetable market along with the household wastes of approximately 1,500 residences.

Gobar Gas and Biogas Plants in Andhra Pradesh

Union Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, through the New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh (NREDCAP) offered 40% subsidy to Healthy Farm Products Ltd, a dairy farm project. The capacity of the power plant is 20 kw per day and it uses cow dung for biogas generation.


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  2. i am looking for a startup of methane gas production specifically from food waste.i need to know the estimates of the setup,volume of methane produced from what volume of waste,cost of it in market today and other things that i must know….
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  3. We are setting up a modern commercial dairy farm in gurgaon, having a herd of 200 cross breed cows.
    Looking fto set up a bio gas plant using cow dung to produce electricity

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      I can help you out. Me & my team provides engineering support for Dairy Farm Automation as well as bio gas automation

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      I also have same plans.

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    I need 100 cylinder /day (15m3).. With transportation plz send me the cost…

  9. I am a self help group want to start a biogas plant based on human excreta at Raipur Chhattisgarh. Would we get consultancy services from any body?

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  12. This is Darshan Soni, seeking your support in developing large scale biogas plant for village/town of 2500 households in Gujarat.

    Brief about me: I’m a Mechanical Engineer, Pursued PGDBM in Petroleum Management, Online certification in Operations Management from IIM-B & Projects Management from University Of Adelaide.

    I’m having nearly 8 years of experience in Natural Gas distribution & compression (PNG & CNG), I am working with India’s largest natural gas distribution company Gujarat Gas Limited (a GSPC Group company & Gujarat Govt. Undertaking).

    I’m planning to start my own venture to serve downstream Oil & Gas industry and found Biogas a promising area. I’m in touch with a dynamic Sarpanch of a town/village in Gujarat & he’s interested in setting up a Bio-gas plant for his village of 2500 plus households.

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    I want start bio gas plant in uttarpradesh please help me to give me full informtaion about government policy and cost of plant and subsidies for project
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  18. Want to produce bio-methane gas for bottling & for commercial reasons here in Rwanda East Africa.
    We have availability of cowdung.

    Also can the beer remains work as feed for biogas production?

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  22. My name is Emmanuel Kwegyah from West Africa (Ghana). l have interest in biogas production in commercial quantities with about 25000m3/day with sewage, cow dung and need biogas plant installer & designer. the plant must include the following digester, waste hold tank 1&2, gas storage tank, bio-fertilizer tank, bio-methane convector into LNG&CNG.
    Please may l know the cost involve? Currency: US $…
    As a starter/ beginner may you, please may you give me some details about the production of the biogas.
    Counting on your co-operation. thank you.

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  24. I am from j&k having intrest in set up biogass plant.But do not know how it can be started. Animal dang is avail in large scale in our area. Give me any suggestion. I am a un employed youth. My contact no. Is. 09596727911

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