Ethanol producers in India

 List of ethanol producers in India

This is state wise list of ethanol producers in India. Fuel grade ethanol is produced from sugar cane molasses in India.  The list is taken from the website of Indian Sugar Mill Association (ISMA).

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  1. Vinod Gupta says:

    Can you please provide me:
    1. The list of current producers of Ethanol in India as on date?
    2. The current demand and supply of ethanol in India?
    3. The present policy of the Government of India to procure and blend ethanol and its price?

  2. Nimosab says:

    We will like to the price of alcohol per liter in barrel so that we can make request.
    thank you

  3. Nimosab says:

    We mean we want to know the prices

  4. arvind sharma says:

    dear sir
    i would like to inform u that ,i m search in manufacture ethanol plant so please provide details

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