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South Central Railway’s Bio-diesel blending initiative

South Central Railway’s Bio-diesel blending initiative The South Central Railway is the first in the country to take to the blending of 5% bio-diesel to its high speed diesel for its locomotives. To meet this end it established two bio-diesel units at Kacheguda and at Sanatnagar in 2015. Recently, ratio-blending facility was also unveiled in Kacheguda. It offers a more advanced substitute to the earlier system of sequential blending. Bio-diesel and regular high speed diesel (HSD) flow into a batch […]

Oil Marketing Companies cross 100 cr litres ethanol blending

Oil Marketing Companies cross 100 cr litres ethanol blending. Ethanol Blending Petrol (EBP) Programme launched by the government in 2003, expected 110 crore litres of petrol blending in this supply year. The programme has already crossed 100 crore litres mark by Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies. The programme was started to promote the use of alternative and eco friendly fuels as well as to reduce the dependence on imported fuels. The EBP had a slow start and till 2013 only […]

Indian Oil Corporation will invest Rs 500 crores for setting up Ethanol plant

Indian Oil Corporation will invest Rs 500 crores for setting up Ethanol plant. The plant will generate alternative fuel from agricultural waste in Panipat. The announcement was made by Union Minister of State for Petroleum and natural gas, Dharmendra Pradhan. The Minister also informed that in order to boost both the capacity and the quality of fuel, the Union Government will invest Rs 15 thousand crores in Panipat oil refinery in Haryana. The target is to increase the capacity from existing […]

Bioethanol Production from Corn and Sugarcane

What is bioethanol? Bioethanol refers to the ethanol produced from starch and sugar rich crops. It is used for fuel purposes. Bioethanol Production from Corn and Sugarcane Bioethanol Produced from starch and sugar rich crops such as Corn and Sugarcane make the first generation of biofuels.  One common feature of first generation biofuel crops is the requirement of suitable arable fertile land to grow them. Bioethanol Feedstock Corn is the most utilized crop for fuel ethanol production although its use […]

Biodiesel Production Process and Biodiesel Fuel Sources

What is Biodiesel?  ‘Biodiesel’ refers to diesel produced from bioresource. Biodiesel is similar to diesel in fuel properties. but But diesel is a fissile fuel like coal and natural gas and is produced by natural processes such as by anaerobic decomposition of organisms over millennia. While it is nature that converts the dead biomass into diesel taking long course of time, in the case of biodiesel it is done by chemical processes which converts the plants and animals oil/fat into […]

Biogas Plants in India: List, Status and Commercial Production Capacity

Biogas in India is being produced using degradable organic waste like cattle dung (gobar), poultry waste, kitchen waste etc as raw material. The waste generated  is also used as bio-fertilizer. The compressed biogas can be used as substitute not only for LPG but also for electricity generation, transportation, etc. Bio-fertilizer increases the natural fertility of the soil with its high macro & micro nutrients content and also give benefits to the farmers with its easy to applied application. A list […]

List of Algae Biofuel Companies

Algae biofuel companies in USA Algenol Algenol was founded in 2006. It has it’s headquarter in Fort Myers, Florida, United States. Algenol focuses on ethanol production from algae through its proprietary ‘Direct to Ethanol’ technology. 16121 lee Road Fort Myers, FLorida, USA 33912 (239) 498-2000 Sapphire Energy Sapphire Energy is San Diego, California, United States based algae biofuel producer company . It was founded in 2007. The Sapphire Energy’s Integrated Algal Bio Refinery, also famous as Green crude farm, is situated […]

Top Biofuel Producer Companies in Brazil

List of top biofuel producer companies in Brazil is given below: Raizen Raizen is Brazil’s leading manufacturer of sugarcane ethanol. Its  production capacity is about 2.1 billion litres of biofuel per year. Raizon is based from the merger of Shell and Cosan and  is now the Brazil’s fifth largest company in terms of billable revenues GranBio GranBio is a Brazilian biotech company.  Granbio has experties in transforming biomass into renewable products such as biofuels, biochemicals, nano materials and nutrients. It produces […]

Algal Species with Potential use as Biofuel Feedstock Discovered

Scientists have recently discovered two endemic and bloom- forming algal species with potential use as biofuel feedstock off the west cost of  India. Ulva paschima Bast and Cladophora goensis Bast, as they have been named, have excellent carbon capture properties and can be used as biofuel feedstock as well. Dr Felix Bast and his team of two students from the Central University of Punjab, Bhatinda, Mr Satej Bhushan and Mr. Aijaz Ahmad John are the masterminds behind this discovery. Both morphological and […]

Plant to Form Briquettes From Waste Coconut Shells

CPIL Resurge Private Limited, a Mumbai based company has set up a plant to form briquettes from waste coconut shells  in Gandhinagar area in Bangaluru. The plant processes discarded coconut shells and turns it into combustible briquettes useful in factories, foundries and boilers. The Pilot plant has the capacity to process 40 tonnes of coconut shells per day. The fibrous material yielded from the shredder is useful in the coir industry. The sawdust of the shredded stuff is put into […]