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Municipal Solid Waste to Biofuel Companies and Projects

Municipal solid waste is the trash we generate everyday. It consists of variety of materials such as paper, plastic, cloths, food scrapes, metals, appliances, rubber, leather, wood, glass, packaging material, paints etc. Their composition varies but on an average organic material has the biggest share. The most popular destination of the MSW is landfill sites around the world. The dumped sites release variety of harmful chemicals. These chemicals get mixed in the air and reach ground water and are a […]

Biofuel Projects in India

Some Ongoing and Upcoming  Biofuel Projects in India Second Generation Biofuel Refinery for Punjab In October 2015 Punjab signed MOU for setting up of second generation bioethanol refinery with consortium of Beta Renewables, Novozymes and CVC India Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. The estimated worth of the project is Rs 950 crore and will use the huge amount of wheat and rice straw generated in the area as feedstock to produce bioethanol. The utilization of these agriculture wastes has been a major […]

Karnataka to get $50 million dollars for biofuel

In India the Karnataka States’ Biofuel Development Programme  is set to get a boost in the form of  $50 million dollars from International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD). The loan can be utilized in various activities such as plantation of biofuel crops and production. Biofuel Development Board of Karnataka has been active in promoting biofuels and  has established biofuel information and demonstration centres with about 100 l per day capacity in each district. These centres are being scaled up to […]

Balrampur Chini Mills to boost ethanol production capacity

Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd, one of the largest integrated sugar manufacturers in India, is planning to invest Rs.200 crore ($31.2 million) to boost ethanol production capacity of its three distilleries.  The plan is to set up or adopt incineration technology to enhance production of ethanol in Balrampur, Babhnan & Mankapur Distillery Units. Balrampur Chini Mills owns 11 sugar mills in the state of Uttar Pradesh with an aggregate crushing capacity of 79,000 tons per day.

Aemetis Inc. announced increase in the sales of biodiesel in India

Owing to deregulated diesel prices and Government’s decision taken a few months back in January of allowing the biodiesel manufacturers to sell it directly to the customers, the Aemetis Inc. announced steady increase in the sales of its biodiesel with the truck fleet operators of logistic industry in South and West part of India. Trucks alone consume about 30% (7.5 billion gallons) of the total 25 billion gallons of diesel market in India annually. Aemetis Inc. is California, USA based advance […]

Dyadic Netherlands gets €1.0 million funding for advance biofuel project

European Commission’s ‘Horizon 2020’ Program has granted  Dyadic Netherlands B.V., a subsidiary of American company Dyadic International INC. €1.0 million funding for the ‘2G BIOPIC’ project to develop, construct and operate  biomass to ethanol demonstration scale facility in collaboration with Compagnie Industrielle de Matiere Vegetale (“CIMV”) and five other industry partners. The project is based on the CIMV’s pilot plant and will process approximately one ton biomass per hour. The Dyadic’s CMAX® enzymes will play a vital role for agriculture […]

Fulcrum gives Abengoa EPC Contract for its First MSW to Renewable Fuel Plant

Fulcrum Bioenergy has given Abengoa the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract of $200 million for the construction of its first biofuel plant at Sierra (Navada) US. The construction will start in the second half of this year and the plant is scheduled to become operational in the third quarter of 2017. This contract guarantees the schedule, startup and performance of the plant. The plant will process 200,000 million tons of municipal solid waste into 10 million gallons of renewable […]

Analysis Says Policy Uncertainty has Deterred Investment in Advanced and Cellulosic Biofuel Industry of United States

An Analysis by Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) finds that the delay by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set the rules for Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) has caused the loss of $13.7 billion dollar investment in advanced and cellulosic biofuel industry in USA. BIO is a trade association that represents biotechnology companies, academic institutions and state biotechnology centers across the United States and in many other countries. This happened at the time when the advanced and cellulosic biofuel industry was just […]

First Refinery to Produce Advance Biofuel from Sawdust is Coming Up

Novozyme, a Dannish company and world’s largest industrial enzymes producer, and Finland’s St1 Biofuels have agreed on a deal to produce advance cellulosic biofuel from sawdust. The later will build and operate the world’s first refinery using sawdust for advanced cellulosic biofuel production for which Novozyme will provide the enzymes. The refinery will be located in Kajaani in central Finland. The area is known for its timber production and the by-product sawdust is available in plenty. The refinery will be […]

EU Caps Food Crop Based biofuels at 7%

On April 28, 2015 European parliament finally gave its consent on a new law capping the food crop based biofuels at 7% within its total target of 10% renewable transport energy by 2020. The member states can even decide on lower proportions. The earlier legislation allowed up to 8.6% biofuels in the total renewable transport energy by 2020 while currently 4.7% biofuels are under supply. The argument of food vs fuel and the high amount of greenhouse gas emissions due […]