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A large number of researchers, scientists, industries and policy makers all are working together on different aspects of biofuels so as to make one of the most ambitious investments in technology of our times a success. The motivation behind this website is to build a platform covering the developments and insights of this front.

The posts are written in a manner so as to make the matter clear to the people working on different aspects of grand ‘Biofuel’ enterprise. The important happenings of different areas are summarized. The updates from laboratory scale research successes, industrial successes and the policy up to dates all can be found in this website serving to make connection between them strong.

Please leave your comment to improve the website. Researchers working in the laboratories worldwide can send the highlights of their findings to showcase here. We also request the industries to send us their news, press releases and product announcements. Our email id. is biofueluptodate@gmail.com

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